Spiritual Clearing

This is an energy healing technique, where we intuitively work with the power of Divine & your own Higher Intelligence to help identify & resolve the blocks, programs, and issues still playing out in your subconscious that you accidentally created in reaction to experiences you had in this and past lives.

These unresolved issues are continuing to cause you limitation, restriction, lack, and problems in your life now.

In this soul healing work, through the power of connecting to your own Higher Intelligence, we work to resolve those subconscious limitations so that you can experience greater freedom to be your authentic Divine Self & manifest the freedom & fullness of authentic living that Divine is wanting to express through you.

What is held in your subconscious mind was partly created in this life, but is also the product of all unresolved issues from your many past lives.

Subconscious mind is another way of saying your karma, your akashic records, or your soul’s accumulated database of consciousness. This accumulation of limiting energy is simply the total record of every thought you have ever charged with strongly reactive energy — like anger, fear, anxiety — minus what you have already resolved.

Your consciousness alone is what is creating your experience of life now. If you are experiencing lack and limitation, dis-ease, relationship issues, or are unable to manifest what you desire, the reasons are most likely the unresolved issues in your subconscious. In case, you have past-life karmic issues of trauma, anger, un-forgiveness, or self-hatred, you may experience consistent limitations of money, health, relationship, or challenges in your ability to fulfilling your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Spiritual clearing can assist you to work with your inner Higher Intelligence, with the help of Divine, to resolve them. We help you to heal and connect with that potential and to facilitate the deepest possible release of limiting programming from your soul.