Energy Vastu (Space) Purification - Factory/ Office/ Home

When any discordant energy present within a given space is removed from the surrounding, it is called space clearing or energy vastu purification. This vital flow of chi affects various

parts of our lives including health, prosperity and relationships; hence it is extremely essential to keep this field of energy clean and pure.

It’s not just how pleasant your home or office looks externally or how clean you keep it. There is energy at a level the human eye cannot see that may be playing havoc with your health, happiness, and prosperity. All actions, emotions(criticism, victimization, hatred, jealousy, anger), conflicts, trauma, chaos and illness that happens in a home, office or factory leave an energetic imprint on the physical structure, spaces, furnishings, etc. Every interior space needs to be cleansed and purified from time to time to remove the energetic blockages which get created due to the exchange of thoughts, words and actions which take place between the people living in it. This negative energy can be in form of etc. It could be geopathic stress, or other earth and man-made imbalances such as the influence of electrical lines, cell and microwave energy.

Space purification process is carried out in order to remove these undesirable accumulated energies from any interior space – houses, offices, factories, or other properties, and create balance and harmony. Contaminated energies are like toxic wastes which adversely affect our quality of life. These undesirable energies can be easily removed by a remote space clearing which in turn would restore positivity and showcase clarity in one’s life.

Clearing and purification of the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual space of your property can help release past energy and influences of lower vibrational energy patterns that may be imprinted into the energy field and people within that structure tend to feel lighter, more confident, and energetic and business establishments start feeling the abundance and prosperity. The imprints must be cleared, else over time they can attract even more dense and unwanted energy. The art of aligning these energies in an attempt to create harmony and balance after cleansing, balancing and enhancing them, to improve our living and work environments is what we term as space purification.

The main benefit of a purification helps you to find the stress zones in your home and property that may create lack of sleep, financial issues, relationship issues, difficulties with concentration and focus, ill health and unease.

Some situations when you ought to seek space purification is when you know the history of the place (illness, unnatural death, debt, depression, trauma or conflict), move into a new home or space, notice sudden conflict in the home/office, experience a bad odour you cannot get rid of, sleep poorly, if the property is near a cemetery, bar, hospital or historic site, have a lot of antiques or family heirlooms, feel a spirit or entity, or unable to sell/rent your property for a long time.