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What We Do

Spiritual Clearing

This is an energy healing technique, where we intuitively work with the power of Divine & your own Higher Intelligence to help identify & resolve the blocks, programs, and issues still playing out in your subconscious that you accidentally created in reaction to experiences you had in this and past lives.

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Energy Vastu (Space) Purification - Factory/ Office/ Home

When any discordant energy present within a given space is removed from the surrounding, it is called space clearing or energy vastu purification.
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• Healings
• Attunements - Level I, Level II, Level IIIA & Level IIIB
• Karuna Reiki
• Animal (Pet) Reiki
• Plant Reiki

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Want to create good relationships, abundance & happiness in your life?

Happy Clients Speak

It has been an incredible and magical experience with Joyita as a healer, she just doesn't treat you as a client, she makes you feel a part of her and ensures all the worries, pain and discomforts just washed away. I Did not even realize but I see myself as a completely transformed person with new goals, a fresh approach with more positivity. The daily reiki and healing sessions have brought about instant effects, hypnosis and affirmations have helped release so many unheard and unsaid desires...and given clarity to life path.. Thank you Joyita.. you are in true essence a gem of a person and a healer.
Gulruh Bahra
It happens to be the most amazing experience of my life joyita was very supportive and she listened to my problem thoroughly and after that she organised this session in which she use this ancient technique which she called Reiki. At first I was little bit sceptical about this but eventually it was able to see changes it brings in me. It was a very positive experience that helps me understand root of my problem and help me decide on my approach . So I would recommend this to anyone who is facing some crisis in his life or a surrounded by negative energy .
Himanshu Sharma
Obtained very tangible relief from my second session. I'm continuing & the relief continues, complemented by an inexplicable 'inner' guidance & serenity. Much gratitude & thanks, God Bless🙏🏼
Dipack Hattengdi
I have got very positive result in my life, found inner peace through their guided meditation. You just need to keep faith on them and need have a positive mindset.
Deblina Sarkhel
Thank you so much joyita ma'am and team, my business is doing well with your healing and blessings.
Binod Kumar
They are doing noble work, Very efficient and they make it so easy open up. God blessthem.♥️
Snigdha Chathley
It has been an absolute pleasure knowing Joyita and attending her guided meditation sessions. She is truly amazing! Her approach is what makes her different and special than most in her field. She’s calm, understanding and most importantly always there to help you out.
Tejal Chhabra
If someone is looking for a spiritual shift in their life and progress I'll recommend healing miracles. Jyoita ma'am herself is very gifted and along with her team tries to give maximum result.
Vaibhaav Gupta
"Healing Miracles" actually changed my life in many ways. I will always recommend them if someone is looking for a transformation in life. They also offer free meditation n healing sessions. These guys are so kind and helpful in real life. I am grateful ❤
Titir Chaki
Joyita ma’am and her team are very dedicated towards working for your well being. Do contact them if you want to see positive changes in your life. All the best to Healing Miracles.
Anirudha Choudhury
The best karmic guru and an amazing friend who can heal any issues without complications. If anyone is facing problems problems in their personal or professional life then contact Healing Miracles
Rochit Kalra
Life is a journey and u may get injured. But if healing is done miracles will happen and this is only possible with Healing miracles . Thnxjoyita May god bless u with good spirits
Prerna Talwar
Their work goes parallelly with their name. Healing mind and body for and towards positive energy for miracles to happen in individual's life.
Avijit Dubey
Life changing experience for me ...must recommend to all the people to be blessed abundantly.
Akshay Chopra

Founding Team

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Joyita is a Holistic Healing and Wellness Coach, whose mission is to channelize the flow of energy to create a positive difference to people’s lives. Well-versed in multiple healing techniques, she adapts the healing approach to the individual and to the context. She is adept at clearing energy Vaastu of office, factory and home spaces, as also in researching and clearing Akashic records. At a personal level she brings deep compassion to her interactions with seekers which elevates the healing process to a spiritual and emotional level. Joyita is a Reiki Grand Master as well, practicing for more than two decades. She has positively impacted lives of many people world-wide and their amazing recoveries are a testimony to her expertise in this area. 
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Arvind was drawn to spirituality from early childhood and has been an avid yoga practitioner. He is a Reiki Master and started “Vaatsalya" - a Reiki and Counseling Niche’ and he has been giving Reiki Advantage® attunements to corporates and individuals. 
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Moloy's work addresses harmony to foster deep personal wellness and expansion of consciousness through the Scientific Application of Sound. He is on a lifelong mission to build healthy communities through the power of sound, chanting of Vedic mantras, yoga and meditation. He offers sound healing workshops and private sound immersions. His intention is to provide a gateway for people to reduce stress, transform consciousness and heal through sound and meditation. Moloy is a certified member of International Academy of Sound Healing and specializes in alchemizing ancient and contemporary techniques of sound healing and vibration therapy. 


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