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The Benefits?

Together, we can find new, rejuvenating ways
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Reduce stress

Process old hurtful experiences

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What do we offer?

Spiritual Healing

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This energy healing technique involves tapping into the innate wisdom of Divine energy and your own Higher Intelligence to address and resolve the obstacles, patterns, and unresolved issues residing within your subconscious mind. Through intuitive guidance, practitioners assist individuals in uncovering and understanding the blocks and programs that may have originated from experiences in their current and past lives. By accessing this deeper level of awareness, the healing process aims to facilitate profound transformation and release, allowing individuals to move forward with greater clarity, balance, and alignment with their true selves.


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Reiki healing is a powerful technique that taps into the universal life force energy, guided by Divine wisdom and your own Higher Intelligence. Through the hands of a practitioner, this energy flows to address imbalances in your body, mind, and spirit. By working intuitively, Reiki helps to identify and resolve blocks, patterns, and issues stored in your subconscious, which may stem from past and present experiences. Through touch or near-body placements, Reiki aims to remove energy blockages, promoting deep relaxation, stress reduction, and holistic healing. It's a profound method that allows you to access the innate healing power within yourself.

Energy Vastu

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Energy Vastu harmonizes space energy, drawing from ancient Indian wisdom. It balances and adjusts energy flow within a space for well-being and prosperity, akin to traditional Vastu Shastra. Practitioners identify and resolve energy imbalances through clearing techniques and layout adjustments. The goal is to create harmonious environments supporting physical, emotional, and spiritual health, guiding individuals, businesses, and institutions toward positive living. Energy Vastu fosters vitality and balance in spaces, promoting harmony. Energy Vastu creates sanctuaries for healing miracles, fostering profound transformations.

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Stories of Transformation

Dipack Hattengdi

Obtained very tangible relief from my second session. I'm continuing & the relief continues, complemented by an inexplicable 'inner' guidance & serenity. Much gratitude & thanks, God Bless🙏🏼

Swati Mazumder

It's been a journey of only four months with Joyita maam, but honestly speaking practicing reiki under her guidance and mentoring has opened my emotional blocks, I am much more at mental peace now.

Trisha C

The free financial healing worked. My mom and my bf found a way to pay their debts.. after it was all done i realised everything came easy after the healing. Also the healing done to my dogs have saved their lives!

Sandeep Kc

I have already taken 3 spiritual clearing during last 3 navratris. Now I'm going for the next one for business issues. I highly recommend Healing Miracles for these clearings.

Riya Sidana

Joyita is a pure soul, her therapies, her predictions are close to actual situations. She helped me a lot by her healing, and I am so grateful to her for counselling she gave. Would highly recommend her.

Monika Choudhary

I took Reiki sessions by Joyita Ma'am, It's phenomenal. It was my first time and my whole body was vibrating. I was feeling relaxed. I could feel the energy flowing through me.


Hello I am Joyita Goswamy

Joyita is a Holistic Healing and Wellness Coach, whose mission is to channelize the flow of energy to create a positive difference to people’s lives. Well-versed in multiple healing techniques, she adapts the healing approach to the individual and to the context.


Hello I am Moloy Goswamy

Moloy's work addresses harmony to foster deep personal wellness and expansion of consciousness through the Scientific Application of Sound. He is on a lifelong mission to build healthy communities through the power of sound, chanting of Vedic mantras, yoga and meditation.


Hello I am Arvind

Arvind was drawn to spirituality from early childhood and has been an avid yoga practitioner. He is a Reiki Master and started “Vaatsalya“ - a Reiki and Counseling Niche’ and he has been giving Reiki Advantage® attunements to corporates and individuals.

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